Thursday, November 27, 2008

It never rains, it only pours.

Soggy, is the only adjective appropriate to describe it. Maybe that’s why it has taken two weeks to come up with this post, or maybe its because Bali has been SO GOOD, we haven’t had the time. Anyway, if you took the expression its raining cats and dogs, and replaced cats and dogs with, blasting water to the face, you would have our first six days in Thailand. Couple that with flooding streets, overlay aggressive “Bar Girls,” and way to many made for TV movies, and our time in Thailand would almost seem drowned. Yet some how, some way, we still managed to have a pretty good time. 

            For many, mopeds is not the first thing that comes to mind for a solid form of transportation, but for Derek and me…. well they equaled 6 US dollars, an excellent time, and seemed the most fitting. Obviously this was the authentic way to explore the Thai island of Ko Samui. Additionally, each moped came with a safety helmet that resembled a bowling ball on your head.  So as if driving one of theses things was not hard enough, every time Derek or I looked at one another we cracked up. The constant laughing and moist conditions led to a swerve or two, but nothing serious. After about 4 hours and vicious back pains we managed to circle the entire island.  The pictures speak for themselves, but may have already considered us a hip version of the Motorcycle Diaries.

            Being that we had now seen the entire island of Ko Samui from the ground, we figured why not see it from the sky.  50 to a 100ft to be exact and zip lining was the only way to do it. I considered myself to be a seasoned veteran, because I had done this type of thing in Costa Rica 2 years before. What I did not factor and in fact over looked with arrogance was the fact that in Costa Rica, it was very dry, and in Thailand, it was very wet. This led to slippery cables, and me needing to maneuver an emergency stop, in turn breaking my sunglasses. I guess I deserved it.

            There were many positive attributes to the tree top tour. For one I got to see Derek’s face go pale before the first zip line, but more importantly it was our first interaction with the outside world in almost a week. As much as Derek and I enjoy each others company, we were relieved to find out that the tour was filled with 5 other “young adults,” who inspired us to deal with the rain and attend the island of Ko Phagnag’s world renown, Full Moon Party.

            It was 10 pm and the only thing in our way from attending one of the top 5 biggest parties in the world was an overly stuffed speed boat, and, mandatory neon life jackets required to be worn at all times. Yet despite the sketchiness of our captain, the loudness of the engines, and peculiar cast of characters that filled this boat we made it and the rage began. It was most definitely a spectacle I will never forget, or remember. 4000 people filling the beach, blasting music, flaming jump ropes, tattoo’s, mushroom shakes, body paint etc. What Derek and I choose to participate in we will leave to your imagination, but it was a great time, until the next morning.

            Overall Thailand was kind of a bust, minus the few good days on Ko Samui. We did also have 2 days in Bangkok but ironically, the princess died while we were there so the entire city shut down, wore black, and mourned.  If I could do it again I would not change a thing, except for the weather, and the death, but… they say in India, I guess it just was our destiny. 

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