Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Lion King remains true, In Africa they actually say, "Hakuna Matata"

Generally speaking a "high speed" ferry is of high speed, right? Wrong, or at least the day Derek and I took it. After finally getting out of Egypt and landing in Tanzania we decided that since none of the Safari companies were open (it was Saturday), we should hop on the 1.5 hour fast ferry to Zanzibar and relax by the beach for the first half of our time in Tanzania.
At first, arriving to the Sea Bus, seemed no different than the train in Egypt. Getting out of the car everybody hassled you, and once on the dock, we found out that the boat was an hour and a half behind schedule. Being, that we now trusted know one, (thanks to Egypt), Derek and I sat down, tried to stay positive, and kept to ourselves. About 30 seconds later, my Attention Deficient Disorder kicked in and the mingling began. Of all the interesting people we met on dock, Louie, the 45 year old South African, left the biggest impression on us.
For starters Louie explained to us that you CAN trust theses people, that they are kind hearted and if they hassle you just mutter Toka Toka (go away), and they leave you alone. We also found out that five months ago he decided to leave Durban for good and get out of the city leading him to his current job on Mnemba Island, where as he explains "Its great, I get to have my feet in the sand every day."
Together the three of us boarded the fast boat and headed for Zanzibar. However, about 1.5 hours in, when we should have been arriving, the engines died. For about the next 5 minutes while they figured out what was happening we just rocked in the middle of the ocean. Additionally may I add, that despite Zanzibarians living on the water, the ferry ride was notoriously known for making them all sea sick. Moving on…..and about 45 minutes later we arrived in Stone Town on one engine instead of two, got in a car and headed to the furthest northern point of the island, Nungwi.
This place was insane. The water was a perfect aqua blue and the powder white, fictional to say the least. If you can imagine an entire town including hotels, bodegas, bars, restaurants, first aid centers, schools, etc all being along one beach you would have Nungwi. The beach was route 80, you had to use it to get from one part of town to the other. At high tide….well either you swam or just stayed put. To add to this amazing place were the people. Let's see, there was Captain TMK (Tanzian Marlin King) The Governor, FBI, Mr. BBQ, Jack Sparrow, Kobe Bryant, and many more. Those were there nick names they introduced themselves as, called each other, and all claimed to be the original.
These guys were great, all they were concerned with was good music, what time people were going to Cholo’s (the beach bar completely made out of boats with a dirt bike suspended in the trees) and whether or not we thought Obama was going to be our next president. Some of the most laid back people we had ever met. After a few evenings with theses guys we said our goodbyes headed to Stown Town for sightseeing and plan to fly out today for our Safari in Selous Game Reserve. Hakuna Matata.

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