Friday, October 3, 2008

When Cameron when to Egypt Land, let my Cameron GOOOOOO

After all of our experiences in Egypt, Justin and I found ourselves unusually excited to board our Ethiopian Air flight for the 10 hour trip to Tanzania. However, Egypt was not ready to let us go quite yet. After taking a quick flight from Luxor to Cairo we entered the international departure terminal. What we found out was that our fight was moved from the original time of 3:35am to 2:20am. Considering it was only 1:30am we figured if we were quick we could make it. Wrong. Unlike the United States or any other civilized nation, you needed to go through two security checkpoints just to get to the ticket counter. We got through the first but the guard at the second would not let us by. Not knowing what to do I went into panic attack mode, and Justin, business mode, demanding to talk the superior in charge. However, since the only people in Cairo that speak English are the scam artists, we did not get very far. Even with the plane still on the ground and the gate open we had no shot. So we did what we were trained to do, find the nearest Hilton, considering it was 3am by this time, it was definitely the rite choice.
After getting comfortable in our room, and talking to STA about what we should do, we fell asleep, assured we would be able to get on the same flight the following night. The next morning I woke up feeling terrible, with congestion, nausea, and a slight fever. Not a good sign since we had a busy day ahead of us where we had to find the STA travel office in Cairo, get our paper tickets changed, and get on the flight to Tanzania. Once at the travel office we were informed that we could not get on the flight we were promised, and needed to wait to the following night to get out. We realized later that this was not so bad, considering I was not feeling any better. When we arrived back at the hotel I saw the doctor and he informed me that in fact I did not have the west nile virus, which Justin secretly feared I somehow contracted.
This next morning, after ingesting half a pharmacy, I am feeling better and we are praying to leave Egypt. Hopefully we will not have any problems. In the great words of Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off “When Cameron when to Egypt Land, let my Cameron GOOOOOO.”

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