Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sharks Eat Seals!

While Derek was pretty spot on with our strand of bad luck, may I add that we did have a  great hour with local shaper and surf legend Mikey Meyer. He personally showed us his entire factory, treated us like old friends, and showed us just about every board he had ever shaped. At the end of our tour he even invited us to surf with him when the wind switched (the next day) but our impatience ended up biting us in the ass, because by that time we had already moved on. We really screwed that one up. However, despite our poor decision of having what would have probably been an epic session with Mikey Meyer, we did catch about 2 hours of 3-foot surf at Seal Point in Cape St. Francis. But in Derek’s defense, it was very sketchy. I obviously oblivious to the fact that, we were the only ones in the water, at a place named after seals, and correct me if I’m wrong but SHARKS EAT SEALS! After our short surf session we rested up watched, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and walked to the only pub in town, where we enjoyed a dinner and a beer with a very localized crowd, at least visually. In actuality they were awesome, hilarious and traded stories of traveling with us for hours. 

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